Week 7 – Exciting things are happening!

I was at yoga yesterday and noticed a wall hanging I had not noticed before.  It read: Follow your Heart , It is the only COMPASS you need.  Choose happiness.  This life is your message to the world.  Let it be EXTRAORDINARY.

The Master Key is doing just that. It is giving me and every participant an extraordinary life as we master the steps to building a life of bliss.  Over the past 1 1/2 weeks, extraordinary things have been happening in my own life.  A close friend and business partner of mine, Suz LeClair, who is also in the Master Key, have been working on putting together a booth for a very large holiday boutique.  We entered the show very late and have had only 2 weeks to pull everything together. As we have done so, everything from making banners, ordering supplies, to designing our booth has gone very smoothly.  When ever we seemed to run into a problem, it would easily resolve itself.  Both of us have remarked on numerous occasions how the path has been made clear for this event.  I feel that we have been experiencing daily the Law of Attraction at work!! It has been an exciting time for both of us, and I am awaiting more and more of the life I want to show up!


Week 5 – The change continues

This week feels like I have turned a corner!  Thank goodness!

I’ve moved from often having  to push myself to do the exercises (I think that results from left over negative feelings developed during my doctoral program about meeting deadlines and completing multiple assignments), to a sense of excitement about what will be revealed in my life as I stay true to the process.  Feelings of excitement are growing as I look forward to seeing how the Law of Attraction will draw the life I desire towards me.

I’ve become increasingly more aware how I have developed the habit of failure in my life by the multiple times I’ve said I was going to do something and didn’t follow through, letting myself down, or others in the process.  And, I have also come to realize that failing in these ways has had negative effects on my ability to trust myself, along with the accompanying negative feelings that arise when we let ourselves down.  I have realized the importance of breaking the habit of not following through so that I can trust myself and experience the positive feelings of following through and standing by my word.  So, I am sticking with the exercises and this process – I want to develop the habit of success; I want to experience the good feelings I know I will experience as I follow through, and I want my vision to come true!  Bring it on!!

Week 4 – And it gets easier!

This week it has been much easier to complete my daily Master Key assignments.  It is starting to become a part of my daily routine, and I starting to look forward to the time spent in these activities.  This must mean that I am building new habits.  Last Sunday when we were challenged to “give up,” I immediately knew that I didn’t want to give up on this class and the life changing experience that it is promised to be.  So, I knew I had to give up giving on 65-75% of my best.  I determined to give 100%. To give my best and treat all the assignments as the  life changing activities they are purported to be.  As I have done this, I have felt my commitment and excitement growing, and I have a new level of emotion as I speak my goals and intentions out loud.  I’m excited to get to the place that each of the assignments will be as easy to complete as brushing my teeth and washing my hair, just a normal part of my daily life.

Week 3 – I’m feeling a little bit of change starting to occur

Last week I wrote about how hard I found it to continue the disciplines of the daily readings and assignments without the emotions and excitement of the first week starting the Master Key Experience.  The first week was easy as I was propelled by the vision of the new life I was going to create and the thrill of starting something new.  But, as the second week dawned the excitement had died down, leaving me with little energy to fuel my commitment.  As a result, I felt defeated by the work required to maintain the commitment and negative thoughts such as “maybe I’m too old to create the life I want” and “maybe it’s too late for me.”  Upon reflection, I realized that fear had set in, as well as doubt.  These same feelings have challenged me at other points in my life, and have threatened at times to stop my progress.  Although it was hard in the face of those feelings, I decided to keep moving forward, stay the course, keep doing the readings and assignments because a big part of me knows that my thoughts actually do create my life, This time I committed to keep going and refuse to quit.  As a result, maintaining the disciplines has been much easier this week. I’ve moved past the energy created by excitement to the desire and commitment to change my habit of quitting when the going gets tough.  I’m looking forward to seeing the fruit that maintaining the course will grow  in my life.

Week 2 – The effort and commitment necessary to change a habit

I’m well into week two of the Master Key Experience.  What seemed easy last week is much more difficult this week.  Last week I was propelled to complete each day’s assignments by the excitement and promise of a new life.  But, as often occurs with emotions, the excitement that provided the energy and ease of completing the assignments has given way to the day in and day out effort necessary to keep the commitment.  This week has required a lot of reminding myself that I always keep my promises and the admonition of “do it now” to help me stay the course.  I’m looking forward to the day when completing the daily exercises is a pleasure, as Og Mendino writes, and easy to perform.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, I do.  But, the discipline necessary to alter my schedule and take the extra time required each day to complete them is the pain I am feeling this week.  I will keep on expecting that at some point soon this new schedule will be a well worn grove in my day, and the work will be a pleasure.

Week 1 -Habits are hard to change!

As I started on Week 1 of Master Key Experience and dove into the readings and daily homework, I remembered the number of times I have started to read potentially life changing books like The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and listened to Bob Proctor and other great motivational speakers teach about the science of getting rich and creating the life you want to live.  I was struck by the memory of the many times I have started to read the Scrolls found in The Greatest Salesman in the World, wrote my goals on 3×5 cards with the intention of reading them aloud three times a day, and committed to myself to spend time daily imagining the life I want to live.   Then I remembered a how short lived those new behaviors were.  As I reflected, I remembered thinking that it would take months to complete the reading of the scrolls as prescribed, and I didn’t have that long! I recalled putting my goal cards in my purse so that I could carry them with me wherever I went, and weeks later finding them crumpled at the bottom of my bag, never having been pulled out once to be read.  And, I sheepishly remembered falling asleep each time I started to imagine the life I wanted to live.  Then, I felt grateful.  Grateful that I now have the structure and the accountability I need to help me carry out these life changing actions and establish them as habits.  Grateful that I am on a life changing journey with others who want to improve their lives, and build life giving habits. Before starting Week 1 of Master Key Experience I hadn’t realized that the difficulty I had adding these new behaviors into my daily life was the result of difficulty creating a new habit because I have been enslaved by habits of thinking and doing that interfere with positive change.  Now I have a new appreciation of the power of habit, and I am committed to changing those that keep me from reaching my true potential.  Thank you Master Key Experience for creating an avenue for me, and others like me, who want to create a life of good, life transforming habits.